Precision Cooking Probe


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$ 144.00

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About this Product


  • Achieve restaurant quality results with a probe that attaches to your existing cookware that wirelessly controls the temperature of your food
  • Maintain temperature set point with in 1 degree via cooktop control
  • Temperature range 85-200 degrees
  • Ideal for Sous Vide, Slow Cooking, chocolate applications, etc., or for any other cooking that requires precise control of temperature over time
  • Wireless probe utilizes Bluetooth technology to communicate with compatible GE cooktops
  • Rechargeable battery with a USB hookup last 40 hours between charges
  • Kit includes wireless probe, cooktop adapter and recharging cord
  • Compatible with GE Café Series and Monogram 30” and 36” Induction Cooktops

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Precision Cooking Probe - JXSOUSV1

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Precision Cooking Probe - JXSOUSV1

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Precision Cooking Probe - JXSOUSV1

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